Thursday, August 18, 2016

Love and Logic: The Basics

As an interruption to your daily scheduled tech tidbit, I bring you a personal passion of mine -- the basics of Love and Logic™. In short, love and logic is a philosophy in which children learn from their mistakes in a safe setting through loving, natural consequences.

Click here for a link to a slideshow presentation that a colleague and I created that goes over Love and Logic in a more in depth way. There are even a couple videos embedded into the presentation! 


Build relationships with your students.
Give choices -- lots of them! 
Use empathy. 
Hold your students accountable for their behavior and achievement. 
Provide natural consequences. 

It's all a bit of a no brainer, I know. However, what's really important is the language you use with kids to eliminate the power struggle. Be sure to check out the one liners and enforceable statements in the following Love and Logic Quick Guide.

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For more information, call the Love and Logic Institute, Inc. at (800) 338-4065.

Click and of the links below to take you to some great Love and Logic resources:

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