Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Photomath: From Addition to Derivation

Have you ever had your child walk in the front door from school, heavy backpack in tow, asking you that dreaded question, "Can you help me with my math homework?" Let the sweat and stress ensue. 

No longer! Here is the answer to your prayers:

Photomath is a free app that you're going to want to download immediately because it is about to save you from the years of sweat, blood, and tears you were about to pour into helping your child with Calculus (or any other math homework for that matter). It's a smart camera calculator that's perfect for helping your child check their hard work or giving you somewhere to start when tackling a difficult equation. 

It's super simple to use. Simply open the app and it will immediately start the camera feature, along with step by step directions. You will then scan the equation you're working on and Photomath will provide step by step directions for finding the solution. It will look something like this:

Easy as pie!


  1. Life saver! I am telling my son about this for pre calculus!

    1. I'm so glad! I wish it had existed back when I was taking Calculus!